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Resolving Couple Conflict – alone

By Elena Piani

What happens when a wife makes a life-changing decision that will affect the whole family, without consulting her husband? In this special guest blog, Elena Piani shares her experience of using CCS Cards to help a friend open up and work through this situation …

Calamity and connection

Calamity, connection, growth
[And a free board game!]

By Leonie Cutts

Like many Australians, we spent the summer glued to our ‘Fires Near Me’ app — checking it 24/7 to see if we would make it through the heat with our house still standing. Now here we are, self-isolating and social distancing — terms that now roll off our tongue like we have been saying them our whole lives …

Introducing Deliberate Creative Thinking with CCS Cards

Introducing Deliberate Creative Thinking
with CCS Cards

By Bill Jarrard

Guest Blog by Bill Jarrard, co-founder Mindwerx International I have been using CCS cards since Craig and Leonie first introduced them, in all sorts of…

Healing Hearts

By Leonie Cutts

What do you do when you gather for a fun night with girlfriends and the high energy, effervescent, joy giver of the group, confesses she is not in a good place?

I am afraid of singing

I am afraid to sing in front of a group

By Craig Browne

What I am about to tell you I don’t normally share with people. Partly because I am embarrassed by it, and partly because I don’t really like talking about myself in this way. But, I recently had a significant breakthrough with something and I really want to talk about it…

Students from the emPOWERment project use CCS Cards

Empowering young people — with a little help from CCS Cards

By Craig Browne

I found Bethany, a quiet, slight sixth grade girl, waiting for me outside the classroom after the very first emPOWERment project class. She said, “You…

What Freddy Mercury learnt about collaboration

LeadingQueen: What Freddy learnt about collaboration

By Leonie Cutts

Have you seen the movie Bohemian Rhapsody? If you haven’t, you must — I believe it will touch your heart and soul and remind you…


Permission to connect

By Leonie Cutts

Maslow placed connection about 3 rungs above basic needs in the hierarchy of needs. We now know that connection is a basic need. It belongs…

Bad neighbours and world peace

Bad neighbours and world peace

By Leonie Cutts

I opened my mailbox to find a hand delivered printed letter. (Real mail in a mail box — what a concept!). It began with “Dear…

Unpacked: CCS User Manual for expert use of image cards


By Leonie Cutts

Our attention spans have dropped at least 4 seconds, Netflix is a household name in Australia, and the iPhone has had at least 6 versions.…

Three Simple Steps to immediately experience the Happiness Advantage

By Leonie Cutts

‘The happiness advantage – because positive brains have a biological advantage over brains that are neutral or negative, this principle teaches us how to retrain…

The CCS Ideal Team and GROW

By Glen McKernan

Guest Blog by Glen McKernan, Director GM Growth Consulting I recently facilitated a session with a senior leadership team using the CCS Ideal Team process…

Creating Learning Environments To Inspire Innovative Thinking

By Janet Sernack

Guest Blog by Janet Sernack, Founder and CEO of ImagineNation As a seasoned corporate educator and coach, three factors currently stand out to me that…

Visual techniques that deepen coaching conversations: using the new CCS cards with ICF in the US

By Ellen Moran

Guest blog by Ellen Moran PhD For the past few years my passion has been to find ways to help teams collaborate for innovation in…

Prepare to get better

By Leonie Cutts

It may happen at the beginning of a new year. It may happen at a transition point, between projects, when teams are merged, or simply…

Why The Best Gift This Christmas Is TIME OUT

By Leonie Cutts

There’s a lot of good reasons that you should take a break over Christmas. One of the very best reasons (at least in my opinion),…

Bank On Hope

By Leonie Cutts

Giving. Generosity. Hope. They’re probably not words you tend to associate with a bank. But that is exactly what I have just experienced and seen…

Achieving beyond the vision

Achieving Beyond The Vision: 6 Factors That Make The Difference

By Leonie Cutts

When things change – whether it’s a merging of two teams, new leadership, or the original purpose of your team has shifted – it’s probably…

One Conversation You Must Have Before You Die

By Leonie Cutts

Five hours into his career as a physician, Timothy Ihrig, a palliative care physician, had to tell his very first patient that he had cancer and was…

What do you do when someone says they're not fine?

By Leonie Cutts

Authentic. Vulnerable. Real. Show up. That’s the message that’s coming through loud and clear today. But what happens when someone is really authentic and really…

Twoish, Threeish or Fourfoldish Thinking

By Craig Browne

So, the other day while surfing Google I see the word, anagogical. At first I thought it was a misspelling of analogical, but I clicked…

What Are You Not Prepared To Say?

By Leonie Cutts

To do nothing is within the power of all men. Samuel Johnson A patient lay on the operating table, desperately in need of the life saving…

Coming Out Openly And Honestly

By Leonie Cutts

I am struggling. I have been so excited to share our latest CCS product with the world.  I truly believe that it can (and hope…

No, Please, You Go Ahead

By Leonie Cutts

Small events or interactions can say so much about us. Take a moment to answer these quiz questions to see what your behaviour says about…