‘The Us Kit’ – CCS Express Fans included in Relationship Australia’s Kit

Craig Browne

The CCS is not just for corporate communication.  In fact it has always been our goal at CCS Corporation to have the product made part of programs and activities for families.

The Us Kit box

The Us Kit – six fun activities in a fun purple box!

And, now it has happened.  We are proud to let you know about a special kit, called The Us Kit,  that we helped produce for Relationships Australia. The Us Kit helps families establish and build good habits of communication through a range of fun activities that suit a variety of ages and are easily completed within the routines of busy families.

The kit aims to help families:

  • Strengthen your relationships
  • Show caring, respect and support for one another
  • Practice habits of positive communication, both speaking and being heard
  • Build skills in safely dealing with feelings
  • Talk about the tough stuff and solve problems together
  • Create a sense of belonging, connection and goodwill with each other
  • Enjoy each other !


CCS Express Fans were chosen to be included in the kit because they made it fun and easy for parents and children to begin conversations with each other, particularly about “hard things”.  The fans also form the basis of a family visioning activity to give families a way to think about the kind of family they would like to be and how to start working towards this.

The Us Kit includes 6 activities:


What families have said about The Us Kit:

“Eggspressions are a big hit in our family. My little girl has had a big year, and it was an easy way to show her some TLC.”  [Jenny, 34]

“Chalk talk didn’t require any conversation from him. He’s quite withdrawn and it’s been tough. But it started communication on safe topics, and with his worries out in the open we were able to reassure him and work on things.”   [Tim, 37]

“In our house it’s become a matter of Friday being pizza and purple box night. We’d do that maybe every second week. If I forget the kids bug me to get the purple box down from the top of the fridge where it lives.”    [Amanda, 29]

“My teenager’s favourite activity is Dirty Laundry. She says that she thinks mum and dad have some laundry they should air.”  [Greg, 49]

“The experience of us doing the activities together was actually life changing. We were so afraid that bringing things up would make it worse, but we were going around in circles and nothing was changing. Bringing it out in the open was not as hard as we thought, and we got some professional help too.” [Kathy, 44]

“The Us Kit helped us decide what sort of family we wanted to be, and to work towards that. It wasn’t a conversation we have had before, and it helped connect us and set a tone of us pulling together.”   [Ryan, 38]

The Us Kit can be used by families to at their own pace in a way that suits them, and for supporters and professionals who work with families as a tool in their work together.

The Kit is available for purchase from Relationships Australia for AUD$50.00

Who is Relationships Australia?
Relationships Australia has been providing relationship support services to the community since 1948.  Our services include counselling, relationship education, family dispute resolution and community development programs for diverse cultural groups.  We also provide professional education through our training arm the Australian Institute for Family Studies. We provide our services face to face, by telephone, and online. You can find Relationships Australia centres in every state and territory in Australia.

Craig Browne

Craig is co-founder of CCS Corporation, co-developer of the CCS, a designer, educator, product developer and award-winning game maker.

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  1. ANDREA ROUNTHWAITE on 29 October 2016 at 1:45 pm

    Please could you tell me how I purchase the US Kit