Creators of clearer communication and better collaboration

CCS Corporation Pty Ltd, the company behind the image cards

CCS Corporation is an Australian company that started out developing games for the toy and game industry (including developing Sort it Out!, the USA 2010 Game Of The Year!) and are now well known as the developers of the communication tool known as the Compatibility Communication System, or CCS Cards.

CCS Cards are image cards that create clearer, more effective communication in facilitation and training, coaching and self-discovery.

With extensive backgrounds and experience in training, education and staff development, the company's founders saw an opportunity to use gaming principles in the world of training and communication.

Gradually the company's focus centred on one game, Compatibility. The image-based eductive principle of this game was then adapted as a face-to-face communication system. CCS Corporation has now been developing and distributing the CCS Cards concept for over 20 years, with the tool having been used in more than 70 countries around the world.

CCS Cards are lovingly delivered all over the world from our HQ in Martinsville, NSW, Australia and our partners in New Zealand (for NZ and Pacific Islands), Asia, the USA and Canada.

In addition to developing and supporting the CCS image cards tool, we now regularly produce customised organisational and people development products.