Program integration

Calamity and connection

Calamity, connection, growth
[And a free board game!]

By Leonie Cutts

Like many Australians, we spent the summer glued to our ‘Fires Near Me’ app — checking it 24/7 to see if we would make it through the heat with our house still standing. Now here we are, self-isolating and social distancing — terms that now roll off our tongue like we have been saying them our whole lives …

Introducing Deliberate Creative Thinking with CCS Cards

Introducing Deliberate Creative Thinking
with CCS Cards

By Bill Jarrard

Guest Blog by Bill Jarrard, co-founder Mindwerx International I have been using CCS cards since Craig and Leonie first introduced them, in all sorts of…

Creating Learning Environments To Inspire Innovative Thinking

By Janet Sernack

Guest Blog by Janet Sernack, Founder and CEO of ImagineNation As a seasoned corporate educator and coach, three factors currently stand out to me that…

Prepare to get better

By Leonie Cutts

It may happen at the beginning of a new year. It may happen at a transition point, between projects, when teams are merged, or simply…

Twoish, Threeish or Fourfoldish Thinking

By Craig Browne

So, the other day while surfing Google I see the word, anagogical. At first I thought it was a misspelling of analogical, but I clicked…

Exploding Appreciation

By Leonie Cutts

Friday was a great day.  After a week where the world mourned the devastation and loss that was caused by the earthquake in Nepal, we…

Want to have more INSIGHTS?

By Craig Browne

What actually is an insight? Dr David Rock, of the Neuroleadership Institute, says this: [an insight is] “the sudden appearance in conscious awareness of a…


‘The Us Kit’ – CCS Express Fans included in Relationship Australia’s Kit

By Craig Browne

The CCS is not just for corporate communication.  In fact it has always been our goal at CCS Corporation to have the product made part…

CCS used in award-winning 'Shake A Leg' Aboriginal Health program

By Craig Browne

The Hunter New England Health program, ‘Shake A Leg’ recently won first prize in the Aboriginal Health Awards. The program was recognised for its achievements…