Craig Browne

We are image card experts, we are going digital, and we think you should too (at least some of the time)

By Craig Browne

We’ve being creating and facilitating with paper-based image cards for decades and, after several years of development and experience — we are going digital. What’s more, we think you should too (at least some of the time). Here’s why.

“Epiphany, histrionics, catharsis, expeditious” – this is one heck of a testimonial!

By Craig Browne

After two decades of playing with image cards, I wasn’t ready for this testimonial from Dr Murray. I knew I had to dig in and find out more. Turns out there is a very deep-seated and vulnerable story behind his comments.

Views of Edinburgh Castle

What is it like living under a castle?

By Craig Browne

Awed by the grandeur of Edinburgh castle positioned high over the city, I was struck by a compelling thought “what is it like living under a castle?” What is the impact on people who see this commanding image every time they visit or move around the city?

Don’t teach anything new!

By Craig Browne

“Don’t ever let me come into one of your classrooms and hear you teaching something new to your students!” You could see puzzled looks on all our fresh faces. Isn’t teaching all about providing new information?

People sharing their virtual CCS Cards choices around a conference table

Phygital is back!

By Craig Browne

Well, it probably never went, but it sure feels like its having a renewed moment! The term phygital learning, a combination of physical and digital…

Opposites attract or birds of a feather?

Opposites attract, or Birds of a feather?

By Craig Browne

If you are like me, you probably find these kinds of generalisations applied to relationships, somewhat troublesome – too inconsistent to really be useful. I mean, they can’t both be right, can they? Either two people described as “opposite” are attracted to each other specifically because of their oppositions, or they are not. In which case two people who are of a feather – flock.

two men engaging in connection discussion

Do guys feel emotional connection?

By Craig Browne

How’s that for a clickbait title? But I didn’t make it up. Google offered it up to me in the list of suggested questions in response to my typing “emotional connection” in the search bar. As a “guy” (AMAB), the voice in my head immediately shouted “yeah, of course we do!” But as I thought for a moment, I found myself saying “oh, maybe we don’t — maybe I’d better click!”

having to adapt programs to hybrid working

“Hybrid bloody hybrid!”

By Craig Browne

On a phone call the other day with a professional facilitator and long-time CCS user, we got onto the subject of the challenges of adapting to new ways of working. When I brought up the need to be ready for having some participants in the room and some remote, she immediately shouted,
“Oh yeah. Hybrid, bloody hybrid!”

I am afraid of singing

I am afraid to sing in front of a group

By Craig Browne

What I am about to tell you I don’t normally share with people. Partly because I am embarrassed by it, and partly because I don’t really like talking about myself in this way. But, I recently had a significant breakthrough with something and I really want to talk about it…

Students from the emPOWERment project use CCS Cards

Empowering young people — with a little help from CCS Cards

By Craig Browne

I found Bethany, a quiet, slight sixth grade girl, waiting for me outside the classroom after the very first emPOWERment project class. She said, “You…

Twoish, Threeish or Fourfoldish Thinking

By Craig Browne

So, the other day while surfing Google I see the word, anagogical. At first I thought it was a misspelling of analogical, but I clicked…

The Great Communication Leveller

By Craig Browne

When you ask a question in a training program, you are bound to get a variety of answers that vary in quality.  They can range…

More Than Words

By Craig Browne

As a coach, trainer or facilitator, the more information you can have about your participants, the better.  You are able to connect more easily, use…

CCS Cards get positive results in research study

By Craig Browne

“The visual images enabled patients the freedom to discuss topics in a non-threatening and open environment, and seemed to assist patients to reveal their daily…

CCS, Critical Reflection and Online Learning

By Craig Browne

THE need for reflection as part of a learning process is well accepted. In the reflective stage of learning, the learner recalls, recreates and evaluates…

The CCS Vision Pack App

By Craig Browne

[first published 10 Sept 2012] WELL, the CCS is now available as an iPhone App! Offering the CCS process on a medium other than cards…

The power of images in communication

By Craig Browne

A LONG TIME business friend of mine, Stephen Kozikci, has also been a long time CCS user. He consults with businesses to help them find…

Want to have more INSIGHTS?

By Craig Browne

What actually is an insight? Dr David Rock, of the Neuroleadership Institute, says this: [an insight is] “the sudden appearance in conscious awareness of a…


‘The Us Kit’ – CCS Express Fans included in Relationship Australia’s Kit

By Craig Browne

The CCS is not just for corporate communication.  In fact it has always been our goal at CCS Corporation to have the product made part…

CCS used in award-winning 'Shake A Leg' Aboriginal Health program

By Craig Browne

The Hunter New England Health program, ‘Shake A Leg’ recently won first prize in the Aboriginal Health Awards. The program was recognised for its achievements…