Power of imagery

The reason your new year goals might not be working

By Leonie Cutts

Are you the kind of person who sets up your year with good intentions? You set out your key goals, you even write them as SMART goals – but somehow, things don’t always go as planned. Well, you might be missing the most powerful ingredient.

“Bring your brilliance” Creating emotive values with CCS Cards

By CCS Craig Browne

“Bring your brilliance!” In 5 and half minutes of articulate joy, the brilliant Julie Alexander nails the power of CCS Cards for values work.

“Epiphany, histrionics, catharsis, expeditious” – this is one heck of a testimonial!

By Craig Browne

After two decades of playing with image cards, I wasn’t ready for this testimonial from Dr Murray. I knew I had to dig in and find out more. Turns out there is a very deep-seated and vulnerable story behind his comments.

Views of Edinburgh Castle

What is it like living under a castle?

By Craig Browne

Awed by the grandeur of Edinburgh castle positioned high over the city, I was struck by a compelling thought “what is it like living under a castle?” What is the impact on people who see this commanding image every time they visit or move around the city?