“Bring your brilliance” Creating emotive values with CCS Cards

Craig Browne

“Bring your brilliance” Creating emotive values with CCS Cards [Julie Alexander Bingham]

“The first time I used CCS Cards I had no idea what was going to happen!”

In 5 and half minutes of articulate joy and passion, the brilliant Julie Alexander Bingham talks about her first experience with CCS Cards (hint: she trusted the process!) and the power of the cards for values and culture work.

Julie shares about the benefits of images vs words during values creation and answers 3 key questions:

  • Why use CCS Cards with values and culture work?
  • Should you get a value down to just one word, and what’s the impact if you do?
  • How can you ensure everyone can participate in the values creation process?

If you work in the people and culture space you will love Julie’s insights.

Julie also runs the excellent virtual #CULTUREBites sessions — monthly immersive lunchtime sessions where leaders doing great things in their business sit at the virtual #CULTUREBites Table and lead a conversation about an aspect of company culture.

To find out more and reserve your seat at the virtual #CULTUREBites Table by head over to: Culturebites Sessions