CCS Cards: Image cards for facilitation, coaching and self‑discovery

Shuffling through a pack of image cards as you think about a given topic activates your brain. It stimulates all kinds of thoughts, memories, new ideas and emotions — even things that may not have come to you without the cards.

CCS Vision Packs (or CCS Cards), are special sets of image cards that include photos, illustrations and words that have been expertly chosen for their capacity to trigger such responses in group facilitation, teamwork, coaching, relationships and self-discovery.

CCS Cards: card pack

Why are CCS Cards used?

To deliver perfect opener and closer activities for group sessions of all sizes

To create visions, missions and values and propagate them across an organisation 

To enable teams to collaborate and work to strengths

Establishing trust, improving questioning and unlocking client potential in coaching

One-on-one relationship building, difficult conversations and conflict resolution

Personal self-discovery, career development and goal achievement.


Image cards for facilitation: What's does it feel like to use CCS Cards?

Shuffle through our current image card pack: the CCS Vision Pack 2017 Edition.

Dr Stephanie Burns, learning and behaviour change expert, talks about CCS image cards

"CCS Cards are powerful, elegant and easy to use tools that take communication to a whole new level. And with no complicated training, no tricks, no aversion and no fear."

Dr Stephanie Burns
Learning and Behaviour Change Expert

CCS image cards kits and products

Master Kits • Book and Card Kits • Individual Products

CCS Master Kits

All-in-one professional kits of vision packs, jumbo packs, stickers and the Unpacked: CCS User Manual. Top-up easily anytime.

Individual CCS products

Individual and bulk bundles of CCS products. Offered at retail and discounted Master Kit rates.

CCS Book and Cards Kits

Inspirational self-guided experiences for personal self-discovery and relationship building.

Should I get a Master Kit?

We recommend a CCS Master Kit if you:

are a professional facilitator, trainer or coach

will be using the CCS with a group of 10 or more participants

may need to purchase more products (such as vision packs and stickers) for larger groups or to give to participants

want to get everything you need to be able to maximise the effectiveness of your sessions.

Big savings! Get a Master Kit and instantly get up to 50% off other CCS products.

Our image cards are trusted by brands all over the world, in pretty much every field.

They have been used for faciliation, coaching and self-discovery in stadiums, boardrooms, classrooms, hospitals, churches and homes. Indoors, outdoors, in the Swiss Alps, on cruise ships and even on horseback!

Expert connection every time

"I have told you more in these 5 cards and these 5 minutes, than I have shared with friends I have known for years!"

Genuine engagement

"We wouldn't even think about running a program without the CCS. It just feels flat without it!"

Shared understanding

"Most importantly the CCS enables you to achieve an outcome of shared understanding more quickly than traditional dialogue."

Genuine engagement

"The level of disclosure and sharing we are able to get with the CCS cards in the first 90 minutes of our program used to take a day and half!"

Jumbo sized pack of CCS image cards

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