Why the CCS works

How does using the CCS improve a participant's experience?


Creates unique dialogue

With much of our deeply held beliefs, we don’t really know what we think until we hear what we say.

The cards enable people to unlock the door to self-understanding in a safe, creative and liberating way.


Utilises tacit knowledge

The CCS is a tool for tapping tacit knowledge — everything we know that we don’t have words for, or can’t find the words for.

It provides a way for participants to step outside themselves, to reflect and to uncover what they truly think or feel about a subject.


A way to make meaning

Rather than trying to find and select words to accurately represent experience, the CCS images themselves provide a ready-made logical framework that encompasses (for the participant concerned) the essence of the experience they are trying to convey.


Patterns of significance

The CCS creates a ‘safe space’ right from the beginning of the interaction. Participants are empowered, through the images, to create their own patterns of significance — their own territory for communication and understanding.