Talking with CCS Users

Expert advice on how and why to use the CCS

Thousands of people around the world have been using the CCS in all kinds of corporate, educational and relationship building activities. We asked some professionals who are experts in their field to share their experiences with the CCS.

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Diana Ryall AM

"Better than meditation"

Diana Ryall AM, founder and MD of Xplore for Success, shares her insights on the challenges for women in business, creating powerful connections and why the CCS is better than meditation.

Assoc Prof Paul Bennett

"Completely changed the nature of the communication"

Shares why his first CCS experience led to him wanting to try the CCS as a tool to improve nurse-patient communication in the unique situation of dialysis treatment.

Dr Stephanie Burns

"Takes communication to a whole new level"

Shares what it takes to be an influential communicator, how we can overcome obstacles to achieve goals and learn new things and how the CCS is a great communication leveller.

Roger Norton

"Get above the issue."

A founding director of Norton Crumlin, Roger shares a father-son CCS experience and why he finds the CCS a reliable way to “toss” executive teams into a new way of thinking.

Mary O'Keefe

"I find that people express themselves more openly with respect to their emotions"

Icebreaking, brainstorming, NLP, energising … Mary openly shares why she makes extensive and varied use of the CCS in her training work with her companies Blue Fox Group and Eye2eye.

Dr Sue Curtis

"The CCS process helps clients to build a firm foundation for honest and open communication"

From her company Self Management Solutions, Sue talks about the power of the CCS to uncover how a person makes sense of their world and explains the concepts behind the CCS-based coaching process she has developed known as The Curtis Method.

Michelle Duval

"Efficient dialogue about meaning"

If you are working on eliciting your company values, revisiting and refreshing the values, or looking at embedding values across your organisation, then this is the interview to listen to with Michelle Duval, founder of the Equilibrio Coaching Company and named as one of the world’s most successful coaches.

Kerrie McFadden

"Makes it safe to have tough conversations"

From Relationships Australia, Kerrie talks about building effective communication in couples and families with the CCS. She also shares real life examples using The Us Kit, a family communication kit created in partnership with CCS Corporation.

Jack Crumlin

"It was pretty scary and the cards were fantastic"

Jack shares how as a CEO he used the CCS to engage employees by understanding their personal goals. And from his company, Norton Crumlin, Jack tells how the CCS is used to get executive teams to think differently and to connect hearts and minds.

Karen Thomas and Louise Watts

"The cards are a great barometer of the emotion in the room"

From their company High Performance Coaching, Karen and Louise share how the CCS acts as a barometer of the emotion in a room and provides a way to track the emotional journey of participants in their courses around the world.