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CCS Unpacked Session - dyslexia event banner


Neurodiversity: Dyslexia

Dispelling myths, helpful tips

Great organisations know the importance of supporting diversity and inclusion in their workplaces. This includes neurodiverse employees. In this Unpacked we explore the often over-looked and misunderstood condition known as dyslexia. Believe it or not, dyslexia is estimated to affect between 10%-20% of individuals (children and adults) — with many never being formally diagnosed.

One way to ensure you are more fully including people with any level of dyslexia is by using multisensory approaches in your sessions, meetings and learning programs. Vanessa Victor and Michelle Kershaw, will help us Unpack this important area of neuro-diversity to learn what it means for you and those you work with, and how CCS Cards can help.

1pm–2pm Sydney Time
Wed 14 April 2021

Delivered virtually over zoom.


CCS Unpacked Session - Shaping Culture event banner


Shaping Culture

Shaping and strengthening culture one conversation at a time

The Cambridge dictionary describes culture as: the way of life, especially the general customs and beliefs, of a particular group of people at a particular time. In this compelling CCS Unpacked session, Dr Melisah Feeney will help us unpack culture — breaking down the elements that will shape and strengthen culture.

1pm - 2pm Sydney time
Wed 28 April 2021

Delivered virtually on zoom.