How do we achieve the best of both worlds for hybrid working?

An engaging, interactive session to explore relevant tools, techniques and proven strategies for team collaboration for hybrid working


An event in partnership with Hargraves Institute

Many of us are now leading hybrid teams. And to achieve the best of both worlds for hybrid working – together (office) and apart (remote) – is a balancing act. Working apart brings to mind immediate benefits: no commute or distractions, flexibility and time to focus. Meanwhile, working together brings long-term benefits: better relationships, peer learning and visibility. Either way, creating time and opportunities to build and re-build bonds in and between teams and leaders is essential.

Are you facing the challenge of bringing people back together? Perhaps juggling the immediate and long-term benefits to create a sustainable hybrid culture? A workplace where each individual feels confident (using digital tools) and connected (to each other and the organisation). An environment that nurtures belonging – our ‘sense of place’.

We invite you to join Blair Coventry, Director of Sales, Wilkhahn Asia Pacific and the Hargraves team at a collaboration showcase.

Experience an engaging, interactive session to bring you the best of both worlds for hybrid working. With 4 diverse areas, you’ll explore relevant tools, techniques and proven strategies for team collaboration including:

  1. A practical (proven) model for building collaborative teams.
  2. In-person tools and techniques to help teams thrive, build trust and improve teamwork.
  3. How our physical workplace impacts collaborative working.
  4. Balancing digital and in-person collaboration to improve individual and team relationships.

Featuring some CCS Corporation developed products.

Designed for: Leaders and senior leaders responsible for people and culture; recruitment and retention of talent; roll out of Microsoft 365 and Teams; facilities and office design.

5:00 pm

14 Sept 2022

Wilkhahn Forum Sydney
74 Wentworth Avenue
Surry Hills NSW 2010


Hargraves Institute: 0411 578 519