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Phygital is back!

By Craig Browne

Well, it probably never went, but it sure feels like its having a renewed moment! The term phygital learning, a combination of physical and digital…

Opposites attract or birds of a feather?

Opposites attract, or Birds of a feather?

By Craig Browne

If you are like me, you probably find these kinds of generalisations applied to relationships, somewhat troublesome – too inconsistent to really be useful. I mean, they can’t both be right, can they? Either two people described as “opposite” are attracted to each other specifically because of their oppositions, or they are not. In which case two people who are of a feather – flock.

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The Right Formula for Successful Collaboration

By Leonie Cutts

My partner, Craig and I have lived and worked together for over 25 years. If you were to test us on any personality, learning styles or team profile, you would see that we usually come out in diagonally opposite quadrants. This can cause a lot of tension, heated debate but ultimately, hopefully, a great outcome.