Virtual CCS Cards

The reason your new year goals might not be working

By Leonie Cutts

Are you the kind of person who sets up your year with good intentions? You set out your key goals, you even write them as SMART goals – but somehow, things don’t always go as planned. Well, you might be missing the most powerful ingredient.

We are image card experts, we are going digital, and we think you should too (at least some of the time)

By Craig Browne

We’ve being creating and facilitating with paper-based image cards for decades and, after several years of development and experience — we are going digital. What’s more, we think you should too (at least some of the time). Here’s why.

Views of Edinburgh Castle

What is it like living under a castle?

By Craig Browne

Awed by the grandeur of Edinburgh castle positioned high over the city, I was struck by a compelling thought “what is it like living under a castle?” What is the impact on people who see this commanding image every time they visit or move around the city?

Don’t teach anything new!

By Craig Browne

“Don’t ever let me come into one of your classrooms and hear you teaching something new to your students!” You could see puzzled looks on all our fresh faces. Isn’t teaching all about providing new information?

People sharing their virtual CCS Cards choices around a conference table

Phygital is back!

By Craig Browne

Well, it probably never went, but it sure feels like its having a renewed moment! The term phygital learning, a combination of physical and digital…

having to adapt programs to hybrid working

“Hybrid bloody hybrid!”

By Craig Browne

On a phone call the other day with a professional facilitator and long-time CCS user, we got onto the subject of the challenges of adapting to new ways of working. When I brought up the need to be ready for having some participants in the room and some remote, she immediately shouted,
“Oh yeah. Hybrid, bloody hybrid!”

Using the CCS Cards VFE in a session with Baxter

Face to face – But wait, someone’s Zooming in!

By Leonie Cutts

As facilitators we are used to things changing and having to adapt in the moment. As CCS users, being able to mix real and virtual CCS Cards in your sessions, is just another way to help you feel relaxed and assured that you can handle anything!