Hard conversations

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3 keys to having tough conversations

By Leonie Cutts

Some conversations are tough, but not having them might be even tougher. Living with the discomfort caused by assumptions or worrying about negative outcomes, can churn up a lot of energy and waste a lot of time. How can CCS image cards make having tough conversations easier?

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Resolving Couple Conflict – alone

By Elena Piani

What happens when a wife makes a life-changing decision that will affect the whole family, without consulting her husband? In this special guest blog, Elena Piani shares her experience of using CCS Cards to help a friend open up and work through this situation …

Healing Hearts

By Leonie Cutts

What do you do when you gather for a fun night with girlfriends and the high energy, effervescent, joy giver of the group, confesses she is not in a good place?

Bad neighbours and world peace

Bad neighbours and world peace

By Leonie Cutts

I opened my mailbox to find a hand delivered printed letter. (Real mail in a mail box — what a concept!). It began with “Dear…

One Conversation You Must Have Before You Die

By Leonie Cutts

Five hours into his career as a physician, Timothy Ihrig, a palliative care physician, had to tell his very first patient that he had cancer and was…

What do you do when someone says they're not fine?

By Leonie Cutts

Authentic. Vulnerable. Real. Show up. That’s the message that’s coming through loud and clear today. But what happens when someone is really authentic and really…

What Are You Not Prepared To Say?

By Leonie Cutts

To do nothing is within the power of all men. Samuel Johnson A patient lay on the operating table, desperately in need of the life saving…

Be Real Before It's Too Late

By Leonie Cutts

Letting someone know how you feel, how you really feel, is hard.  In organisations, sometimes it’s not just hard, it’s impermissible. What is the cost…


‘The Us Kit’ – CCS Express Fans included in Relationship Australia’s Kit

By Craig Browne

The CCS is not just for corporate communication.  In fact it has always been our goal at CCS Corporation to have the product made part…