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Patricia Parish, certified CCS Practitioner with her Moving toward my True North CCS activity

Finding Your Direction In An Uncertain World

By Leonie Cutts

Helping people to see things a little differently is something that Career Education Consultant, Art Therapist, and Certified CCS Practitioner, Patricia Parish is familiar with. At a recent career conference, Patricia shared her thoughts on managing these turbulent times, along with a unique CCS Cards process she has created for identifying your own True North.

Unlocking self-belief blog feature

Unlocking Self-belief

By Leonie Cutts

I heard my new client before I saw her. I was walking up the stairs to her office and she was on the phone to her team. Our meeting ended with her saying, “I feel like I’ve been given a hug”. Find out how CCS Cards were used in a professional career coaching session to help unlock self-belief.

No, Please, You Go Ahead

By Leonie Cutts

Small events or interactions can say so much about us. Take a moment to answer these quiz questions to see what your behaviour says about…