Prepare to get better

Leonie Cutts

It may happen at the beginning of a new year. It may happen at a transition point, between projects, when teams are merged, or simply when starting afresh. Sometimes it doesn’t happen at all.

‘It’ is the process of looking back at what has been, and projecting forward to what is possible.  This process enables us to learn from the past and get better in the future.

If we don’t review and plan at all, we run the risk of making all the same mistakes again and feeling the frustration of being stuck.

Success is progress. Success is moving forward and getting better.

When working in teams, success is about the individuals in the team getting better as well as the whole team working together more effectively as a unit. When reviewing the past and planning for the future, it’s critical that each team member has a say, and each team member is open and honest about their reality, expectations and ideals.

While you can use other techniques to conduct this kind of review conversation, here’s 6 great reasons to use a CCS process:

  • Safe environment: the CCS allows everyone to ‘speak the same language’. It levels the playing field, and ensures everyone gets to share their thoughts and feelings in an environment that removes hierarchy and encourages full participation.
  • Open honest communication: while some individuals will happily and freely express their thoughts open and honestly, some have a great deal of difficulty doing this. Having a tool to help uncover their thoughts and express them in a way that is reinforced with an image helps people to share more openly and honestly.
  • Full participation: the nature of the CCS process is that everyone has a CCS vision pack, everyone is expected to reflect and share. If the team is to move forward, it’s important that everyone has the opportunity to share their perspective.
  • Clarity: hearing from everyone in the team, supported by common images, allows key themes and patterns to be more clearly identified. This clarity can help expedite the next steps to moving forward.
  • Create: with clarity and contribution comes the ability to create a new future. The CCS can also be used in the creation process to help think a little differently, and to ensure participation from all.
  • Affirm: to move forward it’s important that we understand what strengths we bring with us to help the journey. This part of the process ensures time for individuals to identify what they need to flourish, and other team members to affirm their strengths.

Getting better is a constant and never-ending process. It happens one step and one conversation at a time. So, give your teams the chance to be better than ever this year with this new CCS process.

Download CCS Better Than Ever ProcessDownload the CCS Better than ever team process



Leonie Cutts

Co-founder of CCS Corporation, co-developer of the CCS, facilitator and coach. Leonie is passionate about bringing people together for connection and growth in both their personal and professional lives.