Why The Best Gift This Christmas Is TIME OUT

Leonie Cutts

There’s a lot of good reasons that you should take a break over Christmas. One of the very best reasons (at least in my opinion), is that you think better. Yes, it’s been proven that down time increases your creativity, which in turn can help you nut out tricky problems. Like your life. And career direction. And how to make that thing work that you just can’t figure out when a million and one other things are going on.

If you have ever woken up in the morning with an ‘ah ha, I’ve got it’ idea, you know what I’m talking about. Taking a shower, meditating and even time on the toilet seem to do the trick. Research has shown that activities that let our mind relax help increase our creativity because the logic part of our brain shuts down and the creative part wakes up.  This means your creativity can go out to play without the ‘black hat’ watch of the logic butting in and saying it can’t be done. Which leads to some very bright ideas.

This Christmas, take advantage of the downtime to reflect on the year that has been, and set yourself up for a great year in 2017.

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And have a very happy Christmas!

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Leonie Cutts

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