Calamity and connection

Calamity, connection, growth
[And a free board game!]

Leonie Cutts

Like many Australians, we spent the summer glued to our ‘Fires Near Me’ app — checking it 24/7 to see if we would make it through the heat with our house still standing. We celebrated when the rain came and put an end to what was an incredibly tense few months.

Now here we are, self-isolating and social distancing — terms that now roll off our tongue like we have been saying them our whole lives. A week seems like a lifetime in terms of how our lives have changed. People are dying and the world is hurting.

I’m looking out on our bush, fresh new leaves are appearing, the blackened bark of some trees is being shed and new life is appearing. It’s a sign of resilience and evidence that life indeed does find a way.

I know that we are all experiencing COVID-19 and the roll on effect in different ways — from the tragedy of losing loved ones, to experiencing the illness first hand, to suffering job loss and financial insecurity to finding yourself home schooling and working from home. While we grapple to come to terms with what is happening, scrolling through constant news feed of impending doom, we are also seeing signs of hope and the best of humanity.

One way to deal with uncertainty is to look at what you can control. Taking action, no matter how small, is incredibly powerful in gaining a sense of control in an uncertain time. Many colleagues and friends are committing to positive action right now — from sending hopeful messages to offering services for free to support the community. Taking action, offering support and shining a light on the positive — that’s what I want to talk about right now and share with you.

FREE offers of help and support

Free coaching session

We have spent the last 25 years creating and developing products and programs for the family and corporate markets. As a micro business, this has always been characterised by uncertainty and ambiguity (and joy!). While we have obviously never been through a pandemic, we are used to working in isolation, motivating ourselves and innovating to a timeline. So if at any time during this lock down you would like someone to bounce an idea around with, or seek support for coping with the new way of working, then please feel free to contact me.

CCS at home

The CCS evolved from our original family board game, Compatibility. Now that you may be working from home, you can pull out the CCS and use it to have conversations in a new way with the family (I know many of you already do!). You can use the simple sentence:

Go through your pack and choose 5 cards (or as many as you would like) to show what (INSERT TOPIC) means for you.” Some positive topics might be useful at a time like this – like: Family, Love, Joy, Hope, Connection. You’ll be surprised by what you uncover!

Picture of Sort It Out board game

8 FREE ‘Sort It Out!’
board games

Our award-winning (USA Game of the Year 2010) board game Sort It Out! has been re-released around the world. It’s a great family game for 12&Ups. It won’t solve the pandemic, but it will give you lots of at-home fun trying to sort out lots of other things.

We have 8 copies available to give away to the first 8 lucky people to click on the link and complete the checkout (Australia only).

Offers from our network

Our long time clients and friends are offering free coaching sessions! You can contact the amazing team at Xplore, who are experts in resilience and ImagineNation, a dedicated team of innovation coaches.

If you have other tips or offers of support that you would like to share, please let us know and we can share with our community.

Stay safe and stay connected!

Leonie Cutts

Co-founder of CCS Corporation, co-developer of the CCS, facilitator and coach. Leonie is passionate about bringing people together for connection and growth in both their personal and professional lives.