Express Fans

Express Fans

Get your participants talking in any situation with our colourful Express Fans. Each fan has 35 images in a coloured satchel and matching coloured lanyard. Includes: 12 Express Fans.

Note: Express Fans by CCS have a different look and feel to the standard CCS vision packs, and a different set of images.


With Master Kit: $165.75


Create connections easily. Anywhere. Every time!

Express Fans by CCS have a different look and feel to the standard CCS vision packs, AND A DIFFERENT SET OF IMAGES. The fans give you a creative and convenient way to add the power of the CCS to a new array of business and social occasions – even standing cocktail parties or lecture style events!

Over the more than a decade since the CCS’s release, users indicated that they would like to be able to easily use the CCS in situations where space is limited, or when there are no tables, or outside (in the wind!), or even standing up having drinks! So, with its fanning elliptical cards and hang-round-your-neck carry case CCS Express is a welcome addition to the CCS range of products.

Just a quick note to let you know that I recently took possession of our delivery of CCS Express cards and used them for the first time today in a meeting to get people thinking about change and building a change management plan for a particular project. They absolutely hit the spot, they where quick and switched people’s thought processes on easily — the users in the meeting loved them.

Michael Robinson | National L&D Manager CGU Insurance

35 New images

CCS Express card packs consist of 35 cards containing 35 carefully chosen stunning images. NOTE: the images on the Express Fans are different to the images on other CCS cards and stickers.


Stylish shape

CCS Express cards are elliptical. They look and feel great and are a joy to shuffle through. You and your clients will love using them.



CCS Express cards are pinned at the base and rotate as a fan. They fit perfectly in your hand and make selecting images easy and fun.


Always at the ready

Each fan comes in its own brightly coloured plastic sleeve with a lanyard so you can hang the fan around your neck. This means your clients always have the communication power of the CCS at their finger tips – no matter where they are. [And they can’t drop or lose cards!]


Express Activities

CCS Express Fans are designed to be used primarily for CCS segments — openers, closers and stimulators. Obviously you can’t do activities that require mixing up or actually swapping cards, but many CCS activities can be easily adapted to work as stand-up, meet and greet, CCS Express activities.