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Leonie Cutts

We all have our story.  We are writing it every day.  To create positive change in ourselves, or with the people we coach, it’s important that we truly understand the story.

In my recent interview for the CCS Experts Series with Dr Sue Curtis, Sue shared some insights into how she taps into people’s story to help them transform their lives using her CCS process ‘The Curtis Method’.   Here are some of the key points when using the method in coaching:CCS-Curtis-Method-driversLicence2

‘The Curtis Method’  is a process that allows you to get a map of the key things that matter in someones world and to truly hear their story. A person is their story, and the possibilities for creating behaviour change is written in their story.

If you can name it, you can change it

If you can describe it, you can be it.

The process involves finding out what it looks like when things are working well and when things are not working well.  Using the CCS cards, the metaphors, helps to fast track the process to get a very accurate description of how they see their world and how they make sense of their world.

You don’t know what you know until you hear what you say.

When someone is able to identify what it’s like when things are going well and not going well in their lives and they are able to verbalise that,  you are able to get an immediate and very accurate picture of the logical framework they use to make sense of their world.

Action is the basis of transformation and change.  ‘The Curtis Method’ allows the person to identify 3 things they are doing when things are going well for them.  This provides a  focus for living  life in a very positive way.

Where your attention goes, energy flows and life grows.

It helps people direct their attention and energy to the positive actions they can take to change their lives and write their next chapter of their lives.

To hear more about ‘The Curtis Method’ and using it in coaching,  you can listen to the full interview with Dr Sue Curtis.

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Leonie Cutts

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