CCS Vision Pack App Privacy Policy

App Developers

The CCS Vision Pack App and the CCS VFE Cards Apps are created by CCS Corporation Pty Limited. Our website address is: (the domains and are also used and point to this site).

Privacy policy

Neither App collects or send data to CCS Corporation or any third party.

Access to photo gallery

The Apps do request access to your devices photo gallery or camera roll to enable you to save your vision documents you create within the App. You are entitled to print and share these documents as part of your use of the App. Note: the save and export functions are only possible with the premium Vision Pack App.

Storage folder

The Apps also create a data storage folder on your device to allow you to save visions you create within the App. Saved visions can be reloaded into the App for later reference and modification. None of this information is sent either to CCS Corporation or any other third party.

Joining a CCS VFE Session 

If choose to use the "Join a VFE" function on either App to participate in a CCS Virtual Facilitation Environment (VFE) session, you will be required to enter a First and Last name, and a Session code (provided to you by the person running the VFE session). You do not have to enter your real names (although you probably usually would), as they are only used to show your attendance in the session to other participants.

In addition, when joined to a VFE session, the card choices and notes added by you to those cards will be sent for display on the VFE application running on the facilitator's desktop computer — but only if you choose to tap the "Share to VFE" button. Otherwise none of your activity on the App is visible to anyone else.

Once shared to the VFE, your card choices and notes may be viewed by other participants in the VFE session if the facilitator chooses to share the VFE screens — either over a video conferencing application or simply by showing their desktop computer screen. In addition, the facilitator running the session, may choose to take "snapshots" of screens being displayed to save or share the choices sent to the VFE during the session by you and other participants for later reference or review. Snapshots are stored as .png graphic files. A facilitator can also "Resume" or "Review" a session any time in the future, to share and build on the results or to carry out further CCS Cards activities. However, information is not directly linked to you in any way other than by the first and last names you chose to enter when joining the session.

Email addresses

We will only record your email address if you send us a message or submit a form from our website. It will only be used for the purpose which you have provided it. We will not use your email address for any other purpose and will not disclose it without your consent.

No responsibility assumed

CCS Corporation Pty Ltd, its officers and employees assume no responsibility in relation to the use of the CCS Vision Pack App or the information contained in it.

No advice provided

The information contained in the App is not intended to be advice. It is general information only.

Support or enquiries

You can contact us at any time for App support or questions about this privacy document from: