25 Vision Sticker sheets

Pack of 25 sheets of CCS vision stickers.


With Master Kit: $95.00


Give participants an easy, effective and permanent way to record their CCS choices.

CCS Vision Stickers are enjoyed by everyone! Each sheet of stickers has a full colour image about the size of a large postage stamp for each of the 53 CCS Vision Pack cards. Vision Stickers can be used in all kinds of situations where you are looking to add fun and polish to your CCS sessions.

For instance: imagine you have just asked several groups to work together and select a number of cards for a particular topic and to add some comments about their choices. Now you hand them a sheet of vision stickers and have them peel off their choices, stick them down and write their comments alongside. It’s good fun and ensures you have a good record of the choices made across the group.

CCS Vision Stickers are also terrific for adding clarity to your self-discovery work. When using the CCS for journal writing it’s a nice idea to think about your topic, select some cards, stick-in a sticker and note down your thoughts.

Vision Stickers are often used in combination with CCS Vision Sticker templates. Some templates are available from the ‘resources’ menu of this website. Many more templates are available to Master Kit users.