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Portrait Leonie Cutts

Leonie Cutts

Developer, Facilitator, Coach

Small talk has never been one of Leonie’s strong suits. So, when Craig presented his concept of using cards to connect, and the outcome was deeper understanding, she was hooked! Leonie is passionate about building better relationships, bringing people together and building a better world.

The CCS has benefited from her contribution as co-founder through her constant pursuit of asking better questions. This pursuit has led to her collaboration with experts in different areas along the way and has resulted in products such as Career Catalyst and Coming Out, Staying Close.

Leonie is also an energetic and enthusiastic facilitator who has engaged with audiences all over the world. She is committed to creating training experiences that bring people together and compel them to genuinely share and connect.

With a background in education and psychology, and over 18 years of building and delivering programs for managers and leaders, Leonie is passionate about drawing out people's strengths to help them grow personally and to contribute to organisational intelligence.