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Portrait: Craig Andrew Browne

Craig Browne

Developer, Maker, Designer

Always thinking of how something could be used in a different way or in a different context, Craig is the creator of the concept used in the CCS. He is also the inventor of several best-selling board games which together have sold over a million copies worldwide. He also likes to write songs and sing, build tracks in the bush and make things from stone and wood.

Craig is the Managing Director of CCS Corporation and principal developer of the Compatibility Communication System (or CCS), a face-to-face communication tool used by hundreds of organisations throughout Australia and internationally, in areas such as staff training, facilitation, performance review, management meetings, vision and values creation, coaching, mentoring and education.

Originally trained in education and media communication, Craig Browne has spent more than 20 years in teaching, adult education, management, corporate training, learning and development.

In addition to his corporate work, Craig is the inventor of a number of successful board games including, 'Sorts', 'Sorts for kids', 'Deal or no deal', 'Bert's family feud', 'The biggest loser - round table challenge', 'Childrens charades', 'The price is right', and 'Compatibility.' The latter was picked up by Mattel in 1996 and distributed in 10 countries and 5 languages. He is also a singersongwriter and has recently released his first album, For the dream, on the Relatively Creative music label.