Got your own pack of cards? Want to put them in the hands of your participants anytime, anywhere?

Your cards on the CCS Cards Virtual Platform

Your image cards, our powerful mobile and desktop platform.

We are excited to say that now you have the opportunity to put YOUR cards on our unique and powerful virtual facilitation environment.

This lets you make your cards available to you and as many of your facilitators as you require so that they can use them with their participants -- whether standing side-by-side in the room, or 100% virtual!

While we know people love real cards, virtual cards offer a raft of advantages for facilitators and their participants.

Just listen to what Dr Cathryn Lloyd from Maverick Minds has to say about her new digital image cards:


"I’m excited by what we have created on the CCS digital platform. I’m now able to use my coaching and facilitation cards virtually with individuals and teams in a highly interactive and creative way; this is a game changer for Maverick Minds."

Dr Cathryn Lloyd
Visual creativity expert

"With a visual arts and design background the use of images plays a significant creative role in my facilitation and coaching practice.

Over the years I’ve used a range of image cards. I always knew I would create my own set of imagery to work with clients.  The question was, how that would happen? Then I met Leonie and Craig from CCS Corporation. What started with a great conversation has led to the development of Maverick Minds Shift Your Thinking digital image cards.

The CCS digital platform they have created is fantastic and they continue to innovate. I’ve loved working with them. They are kind, generous, clever and passionate about what they do and why they do it. They are helping to create highly engaging human experiences for people.

If you’re looking to create your own set of digital cards I would recommend Leonie and Craig from CCS Corporation."

WATCH: An in-depth interview with Dr Cathryn Lloyd – images and creativity expert and maker of the Shift Your Thinking pack hosted on our CCS Virtual Facilitation Environment (VFE).

Your image cards, our powerful mobile and desktop platform.

There are so many reasons to consider making your image cards available on our unique purpose-built image card facilitation platform:

  • economical -- much less than the cost of printing traditional packs
  • ready whenever you need them
  • available worldwide to all your participants
  • work in-room and online
  • there's nothing to carry, nothing to collate, no missing cards
  • sustainable
  • suitable for use in contactless situations
  • capturing and sharing choices and comments is a snap
  • provide a unique business offering
  • and more!

Interested? if so, we would love to hear from you.

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