The cards are virtual and the connection is real -- CCS Cards VFE for in-room

Bring emotion and genuine connection to your virtual and hybrid sessions

The cards are virtual and the connection is real -- CCS Cards VFE for in-room

CCS Cards Virtual Facilitation Environment


Certified CCS Practitioner, Dr Melisah Feeney, shares how her team used the CCS Virtual Facilitation Environment to pitch to (and win!) a major business client.

As a professional facilitator, coach or educator, you know the importance of creating safe spaces for emotional connection, genuine sharing, and productive collaboration. Our packs of CCS image cards have been used for this purpose all over the world for more than two decades.

With our game-changing CCS Cards VFE (Virtual Facilitation Environment) desktop application, you have the power to give a pack of CCS Cards to each of your participant's on their mobile device — anytime and from anywhere.

Every participant gets their own pack to make their selections and can share their choices with the rest of the group with the click of a button. And it's not just for your virtual sessions —  the CCS Cards VFE is perfect for your hybrid and in-room group and one-on-one sessions as well.

"Amazing to see how you've adapted to virtual ... this will be so valuable to me and others across the planet."

"Gorgeous possibilities with the VFE!"

Watch a VFE Session in 99 seconds

A virtual pack of CCS Cards for all your participants in just a few clicks

  1. Start a new CCS Cards VFE Session on your desktop and share your VFE screen over your favourite video conferencing app.
  2. Ask your participants to download the free CCS VFE Cards App from their mobile App store (or the Premium CCS Vision Pack App).
  3. Give them the unique session code to join the session. As each participant connects to the session, a virtual pack of CCS Cards is activated on their mobile. (A VFE participant pass is required for each joining participant).
  4. When participants have selected and shared their CCS Cards choices, use the VFE tools and features to virtually manage the revealing and discussion of choices and annotations across the group. Or send them into breakout rooms for small group discussions.
  5. Participants can update their choices at any time.

FREE and PREMIUM versions of CCS Cards Apps available worldwide for iPhone and Android*

Facilitation and Coaching in a Virtual Facilitation Environment

"A real eye-opener demonstration of what is now possible in a virtual learning experience, that was previously perceived as only being possible in a face-to-face workshop." Bill Jarrard, ILP

(Recorded Zoom showcase by Craig Browne to the Institute for Learning & Performance)

"[The VFE] solves the problem we have all been wanting solved. It’s just fantastic."

Facilitate quality sharing, discussion, visions and collaboration

  1. As participants share their choices, you can add common and key cards to a Collection that appears on the Big Board (the VFE's main whiteboard).
  2. Jump to the Big Board to lead the group through discussion, refinement, visioning and notation — similar to standard in-room CCS Cards processes.
  3. Take snapshots of all choices and boards any time for future reference, printing and distribution at the end of a session.
  4. Every move on a session is automatically saved, and sessions can be Resumed and continued (for up to 48 hours).
  5. All sessions are available for Review indefinitely by the facilitator.

Step-by-step help documentation

"Very well thought out and easy to use. Really user friendly and interactive."



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