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Desktop Application

The CCS Cards VFE (Virtual Facilitation Environment) is a desktop application that connects groups of Vision Pack App users together to create a virtual CCS Card facilitation experience. It enables a virtual CCS Cards experience that works for both remote and in-room sessions.

Create a virtual CCS Cards facilitation experience

With the VFE application running on their desktop computer, a facilitator begins a VFE session and invites up to 20 participants to join. Once joined, participants are able to make CCS Cards choices on their mobile device. All participants then share their card choices to the VFE. Using video conference screen‑sharing, the facilitator guides the CCS Cards discussion and visioning.

Join, connect and share — from anywhere

Participants first download the CCS Vision Pack App from their mobile App store. Connecting to the VFE activates a free virtual pack of CCS Cards for that participant to use during a facilitated session.

  • using a web-connected mobile device, participants download the free CCS VFE Session App and join the session using a session code provided by the facilitator
  • the facilitator can see who has joined and how many cards they have chosen
  • when everyone is "locked-in", the facilitator can virtually manage the revealing and discussion of choices (and optional annotations) from each participant — displaying everyone's choices or just a single participant's choices on the Participants Board
  • cards chosen by participants can be added to a Collection that is instantly displayed on the single Big Board
  • titles and notes and additional cards can be added any time and anywhere on the boards
  • cards and notes can be manipulated by the facilitator as they lead the group through discussion, refinement, visioning and notation — similar to standard in-room CCS Cards processes
  • participants can update their choices at any time
  • snapshots can be taken of all choices and boards for future reference, printing and distribution at the end of a session
  • sessions are automatically saved and can be Resumed to continue (for a maximum of 36 hours)
  • all sessions are available for Review indefinitely by the facilitator
  • sessions run by the facilitator that have no connected participants are free of charge.


How to get it: The CCS Cards VFE main application will be available for purchase for anyone to download and install (discounted for Master Kit Users). Once installed, facilitators then purchase Participant Pass Vouchers to enable them to send a session code to participants so they can join a session. Participants download the mobile VFE version of our App for free — joining an active VFE session activates a free virtual pack of CCS Cards on the App.

Available: Planned release for October 2021 (so close we can taste it!)

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