How much does it cost?


One-time setup purchase. Then only pay when a participant joins your session. No subscription required.

One-time VFE Application Account setup purchase

The CCS Cards VFE Application is purchased with a one-time setup payment of $145 (less for CCS Master Kit Users). Your software purchase includes the creation of a single VFE Application Account. However you can install the application on one or more of your computers (PC and/or Mac) and access your VFE sessions from any machine running the application.

Purchase Participant Passes (PPs)

There is no on-going subscription. Instead, you purchase Participant Passes (PPs) in advance as and when required.

When a participant joins one of your sessions, one PP is consumed. If no participants join a session, as in when you are just using the VFE to display CCS Cards, then no PPs are consumed.

So, after the initial setup payment, it's essentially a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Additional PPs can be purchased anytime in redeemable bundle vouchers (of 20 to 500 PPs) starting from as low as 70 cents per participant.

The initial purchase of the Application includes 20 free PPs to get you started. Our CCS Cards Go Virtual Master Kit includes 120 PPs. view in shop

Need an enterprise solution?

Scalable solutions are available for larger organisations requiring multiple VFE Accounts and centralised volume purchase of Participant Passes. Contact us



30-day money back guarantee

When you place an order for a CCS Cards VFE Desktop Application, you will receive download links for a full-working version of the application, not a demo or a time-limited version. If you are not satisfied with the product, then let us know within 30 calendar days of purchase, and we will give you a full refund for any VFE software products and/or Participant Pass Vouchers you have purchased. So, while getting the VFE is not a free-trial, it is risk-free. more

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