Take a look at these great features for facilitators

We have listened to your requests and have added some great new features to improve your CCS Cards Virtual Facilitation Sessions.

Cools features
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    1. Add “ALL” to the Collection

    “Is there a way to add everyone’s card to the Collection in one go?”


    You can now add all cards on the Participants Board to the Collection by selecting “Add All To Collection” from the Manage drop-down menu. This includes participant’s cards and cards you may have manually added.

    And, for the times where you just want to add all of an individual participant’s card choices to the Collection at once, we have added an “Add All to Collection” option to the Participant’s icon right-click menu.

    2. Zoom and Centre

    “What about a quick way to zoom in on a card?”

    Animation - how to use Zoom and Centre on CCS Cards VFE

    To quickly zoom in on a particular card, just right-click on it and select “Zoom and Centre”.

    The card will immediately take front-and-centre on the VFE screen. This is great for quickly bringing the next discussion point into frame. It also works for Note and Title boxes as well!

    3. Better Snaps

    “Can the Snaps be a bit higher resolution so that we can read the annotations even on a Participants Board with lots of participants.”


    Higher resolution on Snaps
    We have increased the resolution of Snaps to improve the readability of Notes text when you've taken a Snap of an entire Board with lots of participants. The files are a bit bigger, but it’s worth it.

    Snaps now stored in named folders
    To make it easier for you to find your Snaps, the system now creates a special subfolder within the /Documents/CCS Cards/ folder using the name of the Session you created. So, if you start a session called “Big Company Team Values” you will find any snaps for this session in a folder called: /Documents/CCS Cards/Big Company Team Values.

    4. Create a Note from an Annotation

    “Can we have a way to copy the text from Participant’s annotations so we can use it in the vision notes.”

    CCS Cards VFE -- how to create a note from a card annotation

    We have added two ways to do this: Create Note and Copy.

    1. Right-click on the green annotations icon in the bottom right corner of the card.
    2. Select either Create Note or Copy.

    Selecting Create Note will immediately create a new Note box filled with the annotation text. Selecting Copy will copy the annotation text to the clipboard for pasting in any application.

    5. Copy Session ID

    “How do I copy the Session ID for pasting?”


    We have added a “Copy” button on the Session ID display screen. Clicking this button will copy the Session ID into your clipboard for pasting into VFE Notes or Titles, or any other application such as a chat or email.

    6. Paste to Note


    If you have some text stored in your clipboard (from the VFE or any other application), right-clicking on a blank area of a Board will now show the option “Paste to Note”. Selecting this option will immediately create a new Note box with the clipboard text.

    7. Cards Centred in Participant Frames


    Participant card choices are now centred in participant frames when they are first placed and after a Refresh Selection. This looks more balanced when participants have less than 5 cards and is particularly good when you ask participants to reduce their choices and see them nicely centred upon Refresh.

    8. How-To Screens show current pack


    How-to Screens now show the actual vision pack that has been chosen for the Session. This ensures that your instructions to your participants always match the vision pack they have displayed on their mobile device.

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