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2 Vision Packs (FREE satchel)

Try out the CCS with one on one coaching conversations, or as an opener for group sessions using the 2 Vision Packs and the easy to follow CCS One Pack Activities Guide. The CCS Vision Pack contains 53 playing card sized cards of photos, illustrations and words.  The CCS One Pack Activities Guide contains 12 activities.


With Master Kit: $65.00


Clear communication is easy, if you know how

This 2 pack kit plus bonus guide includes all you need to know to get you started using the CCS for self reflection, one on one coaching conversations or as an opener for group sessions.

The CCS Vision Pack: foundation of the CCS

Vision Packs are the foundation of the CCS. Each playing-card-sized pack consists of 53 specially selected photographs, illustrations and words.

An important aspect of the use of the Vision Packs in most activities is that all participants have their own pack to use during a session. This is a key to achieving open, honest communication and to helping people rally around a common set of ideals. All vision packs have the same set of imagery.

CCS Vision Packs have a glossy, vibrant playing card finish which is high slip and designed for repeated use. Each pack is housed in a durable plastic box.


One Pack Activities Guide

A must for anyone* wishing to use the CCS with groups when you only have a single CCS Vision Pack or CCS Jumbo Vision Pack.

The CCS is an image based card sorting tool to help people uncover and describe their tacit and explicit thoughts. It does its best work when each participant in an activity has their own CCS Vision Pack. This allows for the greatest discovery and group sharing.

However there are a number of CCS group activities in which participants only need a single card or perhaps a few cards. These activities are often used to open a wider CCS-enhanced process (that are included in the CCS Facilitators Manual), but are also ideal as stand-alone activities.

This guide presents 12 of these one pack activities to help you to make the most of your single CCS Vision Pack or CCS Jumbo Vision Pack with group communication.

DOWNLOAD ONLY: the CCS One Pack Activities Guide is provided as a PDF download. You will be sent a download link for the guide as soon as your order is processed.



CCS OpenersCCS Stimulators
Swap and knowTwisted tales
Upside downsideBuilding blocks
Wish upon a cardCreative snap
Let’s get personalVisual brainstorm
Happy momentsThink links
Meeting moments
Making links


*Note: if you already have the CCS Facilitators Manual you do not need to get this guide as the majority of the activities are included in the manual. It is also available for free download by Registered Master Kit users from CCS World.