Coming Out, Staying Close Kit

Coming Out, Staying Close Kit

Hard conversations are made a little easier with this kit. Includes a beautiful, clear guide to show you how to use the CCS to have open and honest conversations about coming out as LGBTQ, and 2 CCS vision packs.
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Relationships are built one conversation at a time

Some conversations to do with coming out as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender are going to be challenging. You may find it hard to start the conversation and finding the right words to express what you want to say may seem almost impossible.

These kinds of conversations can also be hard for the people you are sharing with. It may be a lot to take in and responding with understanding can be hard.

Coming Out, Staying Close shows you how to use the CCS to help you with the conversations you will have about coming out. You will use the CCS cards to promote open, honest, heartfelt conversation with yourself and with others. If you are considering coming out, you can use the cards to help you reflect, clarify and share your thoughts and feelings. And once you have come out you will find the CCS cards are an excellent way to improve the quality of your conversations and relationships with family and trusted friends — to help you to build a positive future and stay close.

Coming Out, Staying Close is a set of materials to provide some guidance and tools to help you have the difficult conversations about coming out.

The Coming Out, Staying Close Book Kit includes:

  • 2 high quality 53 card CCS vision packs — containing our unique set of images, illustrations and words
  • the beautifully printed, 48 page full colour, wire-bound Coming Out, Staying Close book

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