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Refreshing Strategy

Leonie Cutts

What conversations are you planning to have with your team to realign for our new normal?

What a ride we’ve all been on for the last 18 months or so!  Things have changed incredibly quickly and we have flexed, moved and adapted to varying degrees. Now, as we settle into a ‘new normal’, organisations and teams are clarifying what that might look like for them.
While we have all gone through this significant COVID period together, we haven’t all had the same experience of it. This is an important consideration when moving forward with plans for your team and strategy. What do you know now that you hadn’t before? What do you now need to consider? How do you accommodate individual needs and differences?
I recently spoke with Jessica Rivera, Senior HR specialist at Patties Foods, about how she engaged the whole team in conversations to help create their Culture Action Plan.

Here’s what she shared about her approach:

CCS User Case Study:

Executive Leadership Team: Strategy Refresh Session [Jessica Rivera, Patties Foods]


As part of our strategy refresh sessions that were held across the business, the Executive Leadership Team asked employees who attended, what we currently do well and what we can improve culture wise. Following on from this, “culture action plan” sessions were run at each site. The purpose of my session was to unpack responses from the strategy sessions and work out how we can make the culture at the head office site even better. By the end of the session, the aim was to have a culture action plan in place.


I outlined the purpose of the session with the group, then used the CCS Jumbo Vision Pack to do a Downside/Upside. The topic was:

“Using your card as a springboard, share something about a part of the culture at Patties Mentone that isn’t so good – the downside. Then turn the card up the right way and share about a good part of the culture at Patties Foods – the upside”.

This was a great ice breaker and got the creative juices flowing!
We discussed the thoughts shared by the group and also brought into play the wider team’s feedback that was provided during the strategy sessions.
We then gave everyone their own CCS Vision Pack.

They were asked to shuffle through their CCS pack and find cards they believed best represented how it feels to work at Patties.

There was no right or wrong answer, we just wanted to uncover where we are at and how we can do better. I took notes of people’s answers on the whiteboard. This generated fantastic discussion — so much so, that we ran out of time!

TIP — allow time to share fully

My learning for this, was allow at least another 30 minutes. Using the CCS Cards opens up the conversation –  everybody gets the opportunity to speak up and share their thoughts and feelings. It’s important to value this opportunity and  have the time to allow everyone to share fully.

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