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Meaningful Moments Aged Care Program

An innovative program, using CCS image cards, to improve the quality of engagement between residents, families and staff in aged care facilities


Meaningful Moments is now digitial

CARISA is an easy to mobile application that provides game-like image-driven activities for carers to use to provide social and emotional support to residents and families can use to have better visits with their loved ones.

Picture of aged care resident having a conversation with a carer using the app CARISA
icon meaningful moments - aged care resident


“I have thought about things today that I haven’t thought about in a long time. I saw some beautiful things today, and I had forgotten what beautiful things looked like.”

  • feels valued and appreciated and has a unique way to show their individuality
  • opportunities to share about themselves and hear about others
  • a way to connect with staff differently from usual interactions
  • meaningful conversations with family, friends and other residents
  • a beautiful record of their lived experiences and connections with others
icon meaningful moments - aged care families


“The cards certainly created conversation.”

  • a way to promote and facilitate quality conversations and sharing between loved ones of all ages
  • a unique visual journal of their loved one’s reflections and conversations
  • a conduit for open, honest interactions between all parties
icon meaningful moments - aged care staff


"I can open the conversation easily with any of the residents with the MM book and cards. It was a guide to have different topics of conversation. I felt more connected with residents."

  • offers a novel and enjoyable process to connect with residents in an honest and respectful manner
  • another way to approach and understand resident’s goals and desires and promote a sense of belonging
  • a way to energise and engage staff in the mission and professional development
icon meaningful moments - aged care organisation


  • a unique way to communicate the quality of care and the personalised attention residents receive
  • demonstrating delivery of commitments and expectations
  • an opportunity to be recognised as a proactively caring and innovative organisation
  • a distinctive mechanism to prompt referrals and recommendations

CCS Meaningful Moments Kit

Meaningful Moments resident kits are the visible core of the program, offering an easy way to encourage, direct, record and measure quality communication and provision of individualised care.

Kit includes:

  • a unique bound journal or loose leaf pages of reflective activities
  • a pack of CCS image cards and sheets of image stickers to record thoughts and feelings.

Kits can be customised to carry the theme and branding of the aged care facility (minimum quantities apply).

CCS image cards meaningful moments kit

Want to know more?

Meaningful Moments is a flexible program facilitated by CCS Corporation. The program includes standard activities and materials for residents and an optional staff development Carers Empowerment module.