Transaction History

View a list of all Sessions and PP voucher redeems

The Transaction History page shows a double-tabbed table that lists all previous Sessions and all Participant Pass redeems to help facilitators keep track on VFE activity. Scroll down the list using the mouse wheel, click and drag on scratch pad, or use the Up/Down arrows on the keyboard.


> Sessions Tab

Click on the Session Tab to see a list of all previous sessions and the number of participants who joined that Session (which indicates how many Participant Passes were consumed during that Session).

Hovering over a Session row will activate a button showing “Resume” or “Review” enabling direct access to the highlighted Session.


> Participant Passes Tab

Click on the Participant Passes Tab to see a list of all Participant Pass (PP) Voucher redeems, showing the PP Voucher code, redeem time stamp, and the number of PPs added from the redeem.

The number of PPs in your VFE account are shown in top bar in all screens outside of a VFE Session.