The Participants Board

Displaying and manipulating participant's choices on the Participants Board

The Participant Board shows all card choices and annotations from joined participants. When the session starts, it will open on the Participants Board, and the words “Waiting for participants” will be showing in the bottom Participant bar. A maximum of 20 participants can join a VFE Session.


> Participant icons

As participants join a Session, their initialled, coloured icons will begin appearing along the bottom Participant Bar. The zero (0) on the top of their icon indicates that they have not yet chosen or shared any card choices. These numbers will change according to the number of cards selected (and shared) by the participants.

Left-clicking on a participant icon will zoom the screen to show only this participant’s selection.

Right-clicking on a participant icon opens a pop-up menu with three functions that will only affect the selected participant’s cards:

  • Flip Cards Face Up
  • Flip Cards Face Down
  • Add All To Collection (version 1.2+)
  • Refresh Selection.


> Participant frames

For each participant that joins, a coloured frame is added to the Participant Board. The frame is used to display their card choices. A facilitator can move these cards around within the frame but cannot drag them beyond the frame edges. This is different to cards that are manually added which can be dragged and dropped anywhere on the Participant Board.

> Facilitator frame

The purple coloured frame in the centre of the Participant Board is the facilitator frame. It is useful for displaying CCS Card topics, notes and as neutral place to return to when the facilitator wants to keep participant choices “hidden” until they are ready to be revealed. Click on the purple facilitator icon in the bottom left corner of the screen to zoom to the facilitator frame.