The Big Board and the Collection

Using the Big Board and the Collection to facilitate group work

While the Participant Board is used to display individual participant choices, the Big Board is used by the facilitator to help a group organise and refine their group choices.

It works like this:

  1. As participants are sharing their choices over on the Participant Board, the facilitator (guided by the group) right-clicks on key cards and selects “Add to Collection”. This will do three things:
    1. a copy of the card will be added to the Big Board
    2. the card will be visible in the “Current Collection” by hovering over the Collection Count icon in the bottom right of the screen
    3. a purple Collection tag will appear in the left corner of the card. The tag will also be added to all other occurrences of this card across all participants.
  2. Click the Big Board tab to switch to the Big Board.
  3. All collection cards will be visible. You can drag cards, add notes, add titles, and open and close annotations as required.

Tip: on the Big Board, if a card was chosen by more than one participant, you will need to click through the tiny participant icons to see each participant’s name and annotation.