Start a standard VFE Session

Starting a VFE Session

1. On the Home screen, click the “Manage Sessions” button
(or select “Manage Sessions” from the Account Menu).

2. Click the “Start new session” button with the big purple + sign to open the “Session Settings” dialogue.

> Session Settings

To start a new Session:

  1. Participant Passes (PPs): check that there are enough PPs in the account to allow the number of participants you intend to have join the session. A VFE Session can have a maximum of 20 participants.
  2. Session Title: Give the Session a name for easy recall — this is not seen by participants.
  3. Facilitator Display Name: Provide a first and last name that will be displayed as the name of the facilitator. This will be pre-filled with the names in the Account Profile.
  4. Choose a Vision Pack for the Session: highlight one of the available Vision Packs for the Session. This will be the pack that is activated on participant’s CCS VFE Cards mobile App when they join the Session.
  5. Shuffle? Select whether the pack should be shuffled before opening or left in standard pack order. If shuffle is on, each participant’s pack on their mobile device will be in a random order. Checked by default.
  6. Enable (or disable) joining and sharing on start. This is checked by default, meaning that participants can immediately join a session once you provide them with a Session ID. You can easily turn sharing and joining on and off from within the session.
  7. Click “Start session“.

Session Settings cannot be changed once the Session has been started.

The Session will now be available for participants to join for the next 48 hours. After this time, the Session will be marked as “Expired” and cannot be joined or shared to by participants. However, facilitators can Review and edit details of the Session indefinitely.