Start a Session with the Shift Your Thinking Pack

How to make a Session with the Shift Your Thinking Pack (sold separately)

If you have purchased the Shift Your Thinking digital cards pack and it has been added to your VFE Account, it will be available to be selected for VFE Sessions from the “Choose a Pack for this Session” window on the Session Settings page.

When this pack is chosen for a session, the CCS VFE Cards app will automatically download it to your participant’s device when they enter the Session ID.

Need help getting to the “Session Settings” dialogue

  • Session Settings cannot be changed once the Session has been started.
  • The Session will now be available for participants to join for the next 48 hours. After this time, the Session will be marked as “Expired” and cannot be joined or shared to by participants. However, facilitators can Review and edit details of the Session indefinitely.

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