Sign In and Home Screen

Sign In, access Account menu and quick links to online resources

Sign-in with your VFE Account details. If you do not have an account, you can purchase one.

After successfully signing in, the screen Home screen will change to a welcome message and the “Manage Sessions” button will appear. Both the Sign In and Manage Sessions buttons may dim out and become momentarily disabled from time-to-time while the VFE is to connecting to the database.

> Unable to Connect

If you see the message “Unable to Connect: An internet connection is required. Check your connection and try again”, you will need to connect to the internet to continue.


> Update Required!

If you see the message “UPDATE REQUIRED! A new version of the CCS Cards VFE is required to continue” you must click “Download Now” if you wish to continue. The message indicates that an update has been made to the VFE software that is essential to ensure the system works correctly. Clicking “Download Now” will take you to the secure CCS VFE Downloads page where you can access the latest Windows and Mac versions of the software.