Installing the VFE

Installing the VFE on a Windows PC or Mac

The CCS VFE can be installed on either a Windows PC (running Windows 10+) or Mac (running macOS Big Sur 11.0 or higher with either Silicon or M1 chips).

You must first purchase the software to gain access to the downloads page. Following purchase, your VFE Account will be created enabling you to facilitate Sessions and allow participants to join (usually within a few hours, but may take up to 24 hours).

Installation is slightly different for each platform, so simply follow the instructions shown the sections below.

A User License Agreement must be agreed to as part of the software installation process. By installing and running the CCS Cards VFE you are agreeing to the License conditions.



Installing the CCS Cards VFE on Windows

Step 1: Welcome

  1. Locate and double-click the downloaded setup file (CCSCardsVFE-WINSetup.msi or CCSCardsVFE-WINSetup.exe)
  2. Allow a few seconds for the magic to happen
  3. Confirm details on screen
  4. Click "Next"

Step 2: License Agreement

  1. Please read the license agreement carefully
  2. Scroll to bottom
  3. Select "I agree to the terms of this agreement"
  4. Click "Next"

Step 3: Choose a file location

  1. Where would you like CCS Cards VFE to be installed?
  2. Click "Browse" if you would like to select a custom folder (otherwise go with the default)
  3. Click "Next"

Step 4: Begin installation

  1. Confirm details
  2. Click "Install"

Step 5: User Account Control

  1. If the User Account Control dialogue appears — "Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?"
  2. Verified publisher: CCS Corporation PTY LTD
  3. Click "Yes"

Step 6: Installation Successful

  1. When installation has completed, click "run CCS Cards VFE" to start immediately or "Close" to run later.
  2. A shortcut to the VFE Application will be placed on your Desktop (and in your Start menu).
  3. Enjoy!

Installing the CCS Cards VFE on Mac

Step 1: Locate the program in Downloads

  1. After downloading the program from the CCS Cards site, locate the CCSCardsVFE program file in the Downloads folder
  2. Click to open the folder

Step 2: Copy to Applications Folder

  • Copy or move the program file to your Applications Folder

Step 3: Open in Applications 

  • Open your Applications Folder and double-click the CCS Cards VFE icon

Step 4: Confirm program to open

The CCS Cards VFE application has been notarised and approved to run on Mac OS by Apple. However, you may still receive the following caution the first time you run it:

  1. If you receive the dialogue box "CCS Cards Virtual Facilitation Environment" is an app downloaded from the internet. Are you sure you want to open it?"
  2. Confirm you are downloading our program (note the message "Apple checked it for malicious software and none was detected.")
  3. If you are satisfied, click "Open" to start the VFE.
  4. Enjoy!