Adding Participant Passes

Adding Participant Passes to your Account

A Participant Pass (PP) is required for each participant you want to join a VFE session. Participant Pass Vouchers are purchased from CCS Cards online stores and redeemed from the VFE Account menu as shown.

After sign-in, select “Add PPs” from the Account menu.

Enter the Voucher Code you received in your purchase. Click “Redeem”.

The number of PPs included in the Voucher (eg 50pp, 100pp, 500pp) will be added to your Account and are available for immediate use.    BUY PARTICIPANT PASS VOUCHERS

One PP will be decremented from your Account the first time a participant joins a VFE session. If a participant leaves a session and subsequently rejoins that session, using the exact first and last name they used in the initial join, the rejoin will not use another PP. However, if a participant rejoins using a different first and/or last name, another PP will be consumed. You can disable joining at any time from Manage Menu.