Add a Card

Manually adding a card to a board

The Add Card tool is used to manually add a CCS Vision Pack card on VFE boards.

Add Card makes it easy for a facilitator to add in new card choices during discussions, create simple directed-disclosure CCS Card opener activities, and display choices made by participants using real card packs.

Adding a card to a VFE Board

There are 2 ways to add a card:

  • using the Add Card toolbar menu dropdown, or
  • right-clicking anywhere on a board and selecting “Add Card” from the pop-up menu.


Using the Add Card toolbar menu dropdown

  1. Hover over the Add Card toolbar icon to display all cards in the VFE session Vision Pack
  2. Click on a card
  3. The chosen card will appear on the board


Using the right-click menu

  1. Move your cursor to blank space on a VFE board where you wish to add a card
  2. Right-click
  3. Select “Add Card” from the pop-up menu
  4. The chosen card will appear on the board in the cursor location

Special feature of “Added” Cards

A card that has been manually added to a board is always considered separate from cards that appear on the board in participant selections in several ways:

  • Added Cards can be moved anywhere on the Participants Board, while cards in a participant’s selection can only be moved within the confines of that participant’s frame
  • Added Cards will never include Annotations
  • If an Added Card is subsequently added to the Collection, by the facilitator, the purple facilitator icon and name will be shown in the Annotations box on the Big Board.