Add a Title

Adding a title to a board

The Title tool is used to add title text blocks on VFE boards.

Title boxes contain larger font sizes than Note boxes. They have no fixed-width and will change shape to suit the paragraph breaks you place in your title text. While they can be used anywhere on a board, Titles are ideal for adding bold headings and displaying CCS Cards topics as you announce them for your participants.

You can change the size and font used across all Title and Note (and Annotation) boxes from the Styles Menu.

Adding a new Title box to a VFE Board

There are 2 ways to add a new Title box:

  • using the Title toolbar icon, or
  • right-clicking anywhere on a board and selecting “Add Title” from the pop-up menu.


Using the Title toolbar icon
VFE add titles cursor

  1. Click the Title toolbar icon
  2. The cursor will change to a Title cursor
  3. Move the Title cursor to the location on the board where you would like to add the Title
  4. Left click
  5. A new Title box will be added at the cursor position with the text: “Enter your text here”
  6. Click inside the Title box and begin typing.


Using the right-click menu

  1. Move your cursor to blank space on a VFE board where you wish to add a Title
  2. Right-click
  3. Select “Add Title” from the pop-up menu
  4. A new Title box will be added at the cursor position with the text: “Enter your text here”
  5. Click inside the Title box and begin typing.

Repositioning a Title box

The solid purple drag-bar above the text entry part of the Title box, is used to click-and-drag the Title box around the board. The bar will fade out a few moments after you have clicked away from the Title box. Hovering your cursor over an existing Title box will bring up the drag-bar.

Editing a Title box

You can edit the contents of a Title box any time by simply clicking in the text entry section and editing the title as required.

Duplicating, Copying and Deleting a Title box

Right-clicking on the purple drag-bar brings up a pop-up menu with four options:

  • Duplicate: creates a duplicate of the Title box.
  • Copy: puts a copy of the text in your computer’s clipboard for standard copy-paste functions (Paste with Control-V or Command-V)
  • Copy to Big Board: creates a duplicate of the Title box over on the Big Board
  • Delete: permanently deletes the entire Title box
  • Zoom and Centre: the Title will immediately take front-and-centre on the VFE screen