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CCS Corporation + Coaching Australia

As a specialist provider of all aspects of coaching related services, Coaching Australia is a highly successful, well-respected organisation and a clear industry leader.

With Lisa Wandl at the helm, we have always been impressed by Coach Australia's long standing (over 18 years!) and powerful application of CCS Cards in the training and equipping of APAC’s best coaches.

For this reason, we have partnered with Coaching Australia to offer complementary training, ongoing development and exclusive benefits to our respective communities.


Exclusive offer for the CCS Cards community

Get a 10% discount on Coaching Australia's Executive Coach Certification Program (ECCP)

Hurry! Commences 19 March 2024

Note: This is discount is offered by Coach Australia directly to our CCS Cards community. We do not receive commission or remuneration for purchases made using this discount code. 

Portrait - Lisa Wandl

"The cards are worth their weight ... they are like a great coaching question in themselves in that they have people share from a deeper place."

Lisa Wandl
CEO and Founder
Coaching Australia and Coach Global

Equip yourself to unlock potential through the expert use of image cards*

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