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Supporting Student Re‑engagement

A liberating process to empower disengaged students (feat. CCS Cards)


The Supporting Student Re‑engagement course provides educators, school counsellors, and learning support professionals, with a liberating process to help reach school students who have become disengaged in their learning environment.

Delivered as 3×90-mins live virtual sessions and 3×30mins one-on-one coaching sessions, participants will learn and practice a process of re-engaging students through self-discovery, applying values as strengths, and goal achievement. The course addresses essential aspects of motivation, engagement, and self-understanding. Learning enhancement is facilitated by several powerful applications of CCS Cards.

A key ingredient of the course is the opportunity for guided practice with the tools and processes during the sessions and the three one-to-one coaching sessions that will help you confidently integrate the approach into your specific context with your students.

All course participants receive a guide book and a set of CCS Cards and templates.

The Supporting Student Re‑engagement course is presented in partnership between CCS Corporation and MBL Consultancy.

Recognised professional development program by the Australian Counselling Association
Australian Counselling Association (ACA) Recognised Professional Development program.



Participants will learn and experience:

  • Reflection upon the effect of educational, physical, and socio-emotional disengagement to raise self-awareness through student voice and agency.
  • Understanding values formation and benefits in transformational, behavioural change.
  • Identification of personal core values — known as Signature Strengths® — and how they can be transferred to address challenges.
  • Application of strengths to influence self-esteem, self-regulation, self-management, and self-leadership.
  • Development of an evaluative Goal Accountability and Achievement Plan (GAP™).
  • Creation of a Portfolio of Achievement.

SESSION 1: The Interest Interview


  • Understanding values formation theory — how values (attitudes and beliefs) form through significant life events.
  • Appreciating the importance of Questions To Customise Results (QTCR) and response analysis. Discussing why and how this builds rapport.
  • Experiencing how values can change using a values identification exercise
  • Exploring a Developmental Timeline to indicate formation, type, and influence of core-values.
  • Expressing and appreciating the nature of student challenges using CCS Cards.
  • Acknowledging the possibilities for change.

SESSION 2: The Goal Accountability and Achievement Plan


  • Understanding the ‘ladder story’ (analogy) within the GAP with focus away from failure to acting on feedback.
  • Identifying strengths from the Developmental Timeline (using CCS Cards) and using keywords as values descriptors.
  • Acknowledging personal values as transferable strengths.
  • Applying strengths to decision-making to help overcome challenges, enhance wellbeing, and support quality life-choices.
  • Using strengths (from student stories) as motivational drivers to CREATE specific goals.
  • Planning and evaluating accountability actions on the Goal Accountability Plan.

SESSION 3: Course Review and Success Celebration


  • Sharing why, what, how and what-if possibilities!
  • Prepare a Strategic Vision Statement and student Portfolio of Achievement.
  • Facilitate Student Voice and Agency about personal growth, wellbeing, and achievement —with support for individual delivery style.
  • Apply discreet student knowledge and understanding to support teaching differentiation and Individual Plans.

COACHING SUPPORT: one-on-one coaching sessions

In addition to the three course sessions, you will be supported in your application of the process with three 30-mins one-to-one virtual coaching sessions. These individualised sessions will help you confidently apply and adapt the Moving Beyond Limitations process to your specific student interactions. Timing of coaching sessions will be arranged during the course.


  • All course participants receive a guide book and a set of CCS Cards and templates.




Karelynne Randall portrait

Karelynne Randall
Founder MBL Consultancy.

Karelynne is an educator and coach who shares critical intervention, and engagement strategies to re-engage the “hardest to teach.” Her experience spans primary, secondary and adult education.

Karelynne’s bespoke processes identifies positive values as strengths. She empowers professionals who want to empower students, to become response-able through, transformational behavioural change. Her work holds ‘Student Voice and Agency’ as foundational to wellbeing and achievement.

In addition to her extensive work with young people, Karelynne applies her values-based coaching to enhance wellbeing and performance for business professionals.


Leonie Cutts portrait

Leonie Cutts

Cofounder CCS Corporation

As a principal developer of the CCS, and a superlative facilitator, Leonie is constantly collaborating with others to extend the valuable methods and ways people can use the tool to experience quality communication. As a trained educator, counsellor and professional facilitator, with a unique background in games and communication product development, she thrives when helping others to access their best selves and share that with others. [more]


7pm — 8.30pm [Sydney Time]

Wednesdays: 27 Oct, 3 and 10 Nov 2021 (plus individual coaching)

Delivered virtually on Zoom.

Educators, school counsellors and learning support professionals

$720 plus gst
Early bird: $497 plus gst
(until 12/10/21)

Leonie 0438 557724