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Virtual Demonstration

Getting Started with the CCS Vision Pack App

Interactive show-and-tell for facilitators, coaches and CCS users


As more and more events are being delivered in virtual modes, facilitators and coaches are looking for ways to use CCS Cards to help create some familiar open, honest, effective communication without the immediacy of in-room face-to-face connection.

Available for both iPhone and Android devices, the CCS Vision Pack App is one way CCS Corporation is trying to help out!

Especially for facilitators, this interactive “show and tell” virtual session will cover:

  • A live walk through of the App’s screens, features and benefits
  • Running a simple image card activity with the App
  • Connecting the App running on an iPhone or Android to a Mac or PC for screen sharing
  • Some early insights for effective virtual image card facilitators
  • Q&A

[Repeated 60 minute session]

If you would like to get the App before or after the session, it is available now on the App Store and Google Play


Craig Browne, developer of CCS Cards.


Getting Started with the CCS Vision Pack App


Delivered virtually over Zoom.