Create emotional connection from anywhere with the CCS Cards VFE

Virtual Demonstration

Create emotional connection from anywhere

with the CCS Cards Virtual Facilitation Environment


“The VFE solves the problem we have all been wanting solved. It’s just fantastic.” Nick

The new normal for facilitators, coaches and trainers is being able to confidently deliver engaging, productive and emotionally connected sessions in all spaces — virtual, in-room and hybrid.

Image cards, particularly CCS Cards, have long been a favourite tool for facilitators and coaches all over the world — they are easy to use, reliable, flexible, create deep connection and genuine engagement. But — up until recently, they were essentially an in-room tool.

In this interactive virtual session, CCS developer, Craig Browne, will demonstrate how CCS Corporation’s CCS Cards VFE (Virtual Facilitation Environment) can be used to create emotional connection in all kinds of meetings and sessions.

CCS Cards Virtual Facilitation Environment (VFE) concept image

The CCS Cards VFE is a desktop application that gives you the power to activate a virtual pack of CCS Cards on your participants’ mobile devices for both remote and in-room group facilitation and one-on-one coaching. It’s just like handing your participants a real pack of CCS Cards — instantly and from anywhere.

Join this live, 60-mins demonstration, to see and experience the CCS Cards VFE in action.

We will cover:

  • Why is emotional connection important to organisational success?
  • How do CCS Cards help create emotional connection?
  • What the CCS Cards VFE is, and how can you use it in your communication work?
  • Simple virtual CCS Cards activities to create connection
  • Using the VFE for virtual, in-room and hybrid sessions.


Get ready to connect live to the session  

If you would like to participate fully during the session, you can download the FREE CCS VFE Cards mobile App anytime from the links below:

CCS Cards VFE App for: iPhone or Android



Create emotional connection from anywhere

Delivered virtually over Microsoft Teams.