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Certification Program

Certified CCS Practitioner Program

Become a Certified CCS Practitioner. Unlock the full communication advantage the CCS can offer you and your clients!


CCS Corporation is a world-leader and pioneer in the creation and application of image cards for group facilitation, coaching and self-discovery. For over 25 years, we have been developing and refining simple, reliable strategies for how best to use this powerful tool to improve communication in business, education, therapeutic and social settings.

The Certified CCS Practitioner Program is your opportunity to learn directly from the developers and join an elite group of communication professionals.

You will learn why, when and how best to apply the CCS in a variety of common contexts — beyond what is covered in our published references. Most importantly, you will experience hands-on expert guidance to confidently deliver CCS-driven sessions in your work in ways that will reliably create immediate and lasting impact.

During your certification, you will have hands-on experience of our trusted and tested processes to enable you to confidently use the CCS to do what it does best:

  • Improve listening, sharing, group participation and collaboration
  • Easily create meaningful team visions, missions and values
  • Build trust, psychological safety, open and honest communication, and emotional connection
  • Ease difficult conversations, resolve conflict, improve relationships
  • Empower one-on-one coaching, encourage disclosure
  • Stimulate creativity and promote self-discovery.


As a Certified CCS Practitioner, you will:

  • Know how to maximise communication impact by identifying the most appropriate method and positioning when using the CCS with your audiences
  • Understand how to adapt your CCS activities to different audience types, group sizes, in-room and virtual settings
  • Have strategies to reliably promote full participation and engage tough audiences
  • Establish the most cost-effective ways to integrate the CCS into your communication programs and contexts
  • Receive a Certified CCS Practitioner certificate and permission to display the Certified CCS Practitioner badge on your website and in social media.


Recognised professional development program by the International Coach Federation, the Australian Counselling Association and the Institute of Learning and Performance
ICF approved Continuing Coach Education program
Certified Learning Solution — Institute of Learning and Performance
Recognised professional development program — Australian Counselling Association



Delivered in 7 x 120-minute virtual sessions, the Certified CCS Practitioner Program is divided into 4 key learning modules and a final Certification Assignment. Each session includes read/watch/listen follow-up activities and real-world delivery practice to consolidate learning.

Module 1: CCS Group Processes and Fundamentals

We will begin our exploration of the expert use of the CCS with an immersive CCS 6-step Group Process. This important foundational session will expose you to the CCS participant-experience, application of different CCS components, delivery fundamentals, best practices, and underlying theory. We will then explore a variety of CCS-driven activities that can be used to open and close your existing group programs and encounters.

Module includes:

  • The importance and relevance of the structure of the 6-step process
  • The significance of the wording of the topics
  • The CCS delivery fundamentals
  • Effective ways to use the CCS to open and close programs to enhance engagement and commitment
  • Directed disclosure vs free choice selections
  • The learning theory and cognitive science that underpin CCS methodologies.

Module 2: CCS One-on-one Methodologies

In the right hands, and with careful application, the CCS is a superlative tool for one-on-one interactions. It can play a powerful role in coaching, supervision, conflict resolution and counselling. In this module, we will examine a variety of one-on-one encounters and how best to approach them using the CCS. This will include a detailed practical exploration of the CCS Unlocking Potential Coaching Process — a methodology that can literally help your clients move from stuck to unstuck.

Module includes:

  • Using the CCS to building trust and intimacy in a coaching/counselling session
  • Creating motivational visual gaps through awareness of current reality and ideal
  • A powerful CCS template activity to produce deep disclosure
  • Improving listening and checking for understanding with CCS visual paraphrasing
  • The importance of capturing choices and words
  • Wording topics to help individuals make their choices — the power of “might”
  • The CCS process for conflict resolution and your role in facilitating a successful intervention
  • Integrating one or more CCS one-on-one methods in your work.

Module 3: CCS Creativity and Stimulation Activities

There are often moments during training and development sessions when a group needs an injection of fun, creativity, cooperation, or redirection. When you know how, the CCS is a simple, reliable tool for this purpose. This module is an opportunity to experience, unpack and apply these processes in your work.

Module includes:

  • CCS for deliberate, creative thinking
  • CCS Visual brainstorming and storytelling
  • Integrating one or more CCS stimulators in your programs.

Module 4: CCS for Critical Self-reflection and Learning Transfer

The positive impact of critical self-reflection and journaling to motivate personal growth is well-documented. We will look at how the CCS can be used to naturally enhance this process.

In addition, this module will explore ways that you can help your participants consolidate and transfer what they learn in your programs by providing them with CCS self-reflection transfer activities.

Module includes:

  • Questions and topics for self-reflection and how CCS Cards can assist the thinking process
  • The importance of journaling and the benefits of using CCS Vision Stickers
  • The CCS Vision Pack App as a critical self-reflection tool
  • What are CCS Transfer Activities and how to add them to your important programs.

Certification Requirements:

To receive your certification you will need to have:

  • Purchased a CCS Master Kit to become a CCS Master Kit User
  • Attended at least 5 of the 7 live virtual program sessions
  • Completed all the requisite reading, listening and watching and practical follow-up activities
  • Successfully passed the Knowledge Assessment questions
  • Completed and submitted the final CCS Certification Practical Assignment to demonstrate a real-world integration of the CCS into your work.

 Time required:

  • 7 x 120-minute live virtual sessions (delivered over Zoom)
  • 6-11 hours of additional external reading, writing, real-world practise and certification assignments.

CCS Materials required*:

  • Hard copy of Unpacked: CCS User Manual (also includes online access to CCS World)
  • A minimum of 6 x CCS Vision Packs (2017 ed)
  • A minimum of 10 sheets of CCS Vision Stickers
  • Optional: CCS Virtual Facilitation Environment Desktop Application (VFE) and CCS Vision Pack App
  • Optional: CCS Jumbo Vision Pack

*If you are not yet a Master Kit User, the minimum required materials for the Program are included in a CCS Master Kit Mini. Existing Master Kit Users can easily top up their materials if required (be sure to login to get the discounted rates).


Recognised professional development program by the Australian Counselling Association

Leonie Cutts
Cofounder CCS Corporation

As a principal developer of the CCS, and a superlative facilitator, Leonie is constantly collaborating with others to extend the valuable methods and ways people can use the tool to experience quality communication. As a trained educator, counsellor and professional facilitator, with a unique background in games and communication product development, she thrives when helping others to access their best selves and share that with others. [more]


Recognised professional development program by the Australian Counselling Association

Craig Browne
Cofounder CCS Corporation

Craig is the original creator of the concept used in the CCS and is responsible for all aspects of it’s design and development. Originally trained in education and media communication, Craig has spent more than 30 years in education, learning and product design, web and app development. He is also an award-winning professional board game designer. [more]



Fridays 10am-12pm [AEST]

7 July 2023 [AEDT]
then each Friday until 11 August

Delivered virtually over Zoom.

Professional facilitators and coaches, CCS Master Kit Users

$1,495 plus gst

Leonie 0438 557724