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CCS Unpacked: Thinking and Listening

Supporting individuals and teams to think more clearly and creatively


When you use the CCS Cards, you are automatically employing a number of the 10 components of the Thinking Environment®. Knowing the components and understanding how they create a powerful environment for thinking will take your expertise to another level.

In this engaging and interactive session we will cover:

  • The 10 components of the Thinking Environment®
  • Crafting quality questions
  • Creating the thinking environment with the CCS Cards
  • Q & A



Leonie Cutts - portrait

Leonie Cutts

As co-developer of CCS Cards, Leonie is constantly collaborating with others to extend the valuable methods and ways people can use the tool to experience quality communication. As a trained educator, counsellor and professional facilitator, with a unique background in games and communication product development, she thrives when helping others to access their best selves and share that with others.


Candice Smith

Candice Smith

Candice is a thinking partner and facilitator who specialises in creating environments in which people can think, act and engage afresh, virtually and in-person. I thrive on creating new stories for the future of work and our planet with courageous individuals, projects and organisations.

This work is about encouraging a way of being that says to people “You matter; your thinking makes a difference; and if you knew that, what would you do now?” The invitation is to individuals and leaders in business, civil society, government and education to:

  • Cultivate a facilitative leadership practice, to navigate complexity
  • Bring collaboration to life
  • Create a diverse and inclusive culture
  • Create connection, wellbeing and ease in the face of adversity.



This session will touch on methodologies covered in  Unpacked: CCS User Manual


CCS Unpacked: Thinking and Listening

Delivered virtually over Zoom.


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