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CCS Unpacked: Talk Like A Leader

The power of words in leadership


The words we use matter. They can influence, motivate, inspire and excite. They can also do the opposite!

Whether you’re in an official leadership position or not, the words we use impact ourselves and those around us. How conscious are you of the words you use?

In this CCS Unpacked Session with Louise Thomson we will be taking a deep dive into what it means to talk like a leader and how we can be more conscious of our words and impact.

We will cover:

  • Talking on the inside
  • Creating congruence
  • The mask dilemma
  • The best leadership words
  • How the CCS Cards can help
  • Q&A


Leonie Cutts - portrait

Leonie Cutts

As co-developer of CCS Cards, Leonie is constantly collaborating with others to extend the valuable methods and ways people can use the tool to experience quality communication. As a trained educator, counsellor and professional facilitator, with a unique background in games and communication product development, she thrives when helping others to access their best selves and share that with others.


Louise Thomson - portrait

Louise Thomson

Louise Thomson is a confident, courageous, and passionate women who contributes her experience and wisdom to those who aspire to be better leaders.

With three decades in leadership positions within corporate Australia, not-for-profit, volunteer and her own small business, Louise has experienced almost every situation faced by people leaders and business leaders.

Louise works with leadership teams, aspiring leaders and is especially passionate about supporting people to rise into their next leadership role.  She mentors’ leaders in a 1:1 setting, providing pathways and solutions to address problems and ideas in their pursuit for better leadership performance.

In her partnership with Core Strengths (USA), she uses their SDI 2.0 profiling assessment, facilitating, and guiding people to better understand and build better relationships using the right strengths at the right time in the workplace.

She was once described as an outstanding ‘blank canvas’ facilitator; enabling groups to learn from each other while providing strong support and expertise in leadership development.

During COVID19 lockdown Louise wrote her first book – Talk Like A Leader – Words that inspire and influence others to follow you. Whilst having plenty of time to write, she engaged her online audience to contribute to her daily musings about the language of leadership used by her clients and business leaders.

She lives with her husband Malcolm, teenagers Patrick and Jenn and her daily companion, Alvin the Cat. She is a keen golfer and lives on an island within a golf course estate on the fringes of Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.


CCS Unpacked: Talk Like A Leader


Delivered virtually on zoom.


Leonie 0438 557724